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Issue #155-157:
New Master Sommeliers

Profiles of 5 new Master Sommeliers

The Golden Age of California Pinot Noir

Wine Recommendations:
707 wines recommended


About Restaurant Wine®

A wine industry journal published by Ronn Wiegand

For 24 years Restaurant Wine has been a bi-monthly wine industry journal offering exclusive wine recommendations, wine industry profiles, wine training tips and more. It focuses on wine service and wine trends for cutting-edge restaurateurs, distributors, importers and exporters, wineries, wine shops and discriminating wine drinkers.

As the world's only wine newsletter for the restaurant and hospitality industry, Restaurant Wine reaches businesses and individuals throughout North America as well as in countries in South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. It is only available electronically, by PDF.

Restaurant Wine also provides extensive wine consulting services to the wine trade and to consumers on all aspects
of wine. Restaurant Wine is published and operated by
Ronn Wiegand, the first person in the world to hold both
the Master of Wine and Master Sommelier titles.


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What Each Issue Includes

Wine Trends
  What's popular in wine, what's coming, what's emerging.
Wine Promotions
  Promote wine more effectively and profitably.
Wine Training Tips
  Convert servers into wine sellers with timely wine training how-to's.
Operator Profiles
  Behind the scenes, in-depth pieces on the most dynamic wine-selling restaurants anywhere.
Wine Recommendations & Reviews
  Wine reviews and wine recommendations
by the best palates in the wine business.
Restaurant Wine Back Issues

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155-157 New Master Sommeliers Issue
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