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Wine Promotion Ideas

This is a Restaurant Wine excerpt from Issue 103, Sept/Oct 2004.

The “Staff Picks” Page At Ray’s
Is A Winning Concept

The very first page of the 20 page wine list at Ray’s is devoted to a riveting promotion: "Staff Picks", which was unveiled in late May, 2004.

It is a simple but brilliant concept, which combines the personal wine recommendations of several employees (and one owner) with the sales incentive of a 25% discount on each listed wine. The promotion was in instant success, Carreon says.

The promotion changes every 4 to 5 weeks, when new servers are asked to contribute their top picks. Carreon asks these servers for a list of 7 or 8 potential picks, which he narrows down to 5 wines. “Some wines we have only a few bottles of and can’t purchase any more. So availability is an issue [in what goes on the page].”

Carreon is quick to point out that servers at Ray’s are quite wine knowledgeable. “They enjoy wine and we taste lots of wines here. It is easy for them to make their picks, and they get very excited about it.”

Not surprisingly, servers opt for wines they are proud to be associated with, “wine discoveries” and “wine gems” that many customers would not normally think to order. Carreon says, “The picks aren’t mainstream wines. The personal recommendation plus the 25% discount give customers an incentive to try something different.”

This is a Restaurant Wine excerpt from Issue 103, Sept/Oct 2004.
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